Our workshop is a vibrant design space where we create interiors for several lodges and hotels. Besides textiles and lighting we supply an extensive variety of interiors. These include wall-dividers, wall art, coffee and side tables, mirror and picture frames, and laundry baskets and mats.


Below you can find an overview of some of our most popular products. We have sorted the items as per materials, namely: scrap, local wood and maize / baobab string.

Scrap / Industrial

In our industrial interior range we combine scrap, piston rings, bicycle cogs and other engine parts to create spectacular wall art, such as our Africa Map piece, dividing screens, coffee and side tables and other custom-made desks.

All scrap is rummaged from markets in Lilongwe and Mzuzu and turned into exclusive statement pieces by our talented welding and design team.


Sustainable Wood

Our initial range of wood products is made from recycled boat wood, using old, sunken fisherman’s boats and canoes which we turn into picture frames, mirror frames and even chairs and bar stools.


Recently we have added a collection which uses bluegum sticks to make coffee, side tables and lamp bases for our lampshades. Bluegum is a species of wood which grows quickly and regenerates easily when only branches are cut off. As this collection grows we want to ensure that our impact on the local environment remains positive, and so we are replanting 1000 native tree species on Likoma Island in 2017.


The mats and baskets in this range are 100% grown and made on Likoma Island, and are indicative of the local designs. The villagers make string from the abundant local baobab trees on the island and we sow this string into intricate mats and baskets. We also recently started collecting maize leaves after the maize season ends in March. When sown together, maize leaves make a similar string to the baobab, except that the final mat has a slightly lighter colour and texture.

Baobab / Maize

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